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About 3 Little Birds Corks & More

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

The Story Behind Newton's Newest Wine Shop

Three Sisters, One Dream, Endless Possibilities

We are three sisters, born and raised in Newton, serving and selling wine, beer, charcuterie, and more.

But this is not your average wine shop. Our plans for this place are much, much bigger.

  • We want to create a cozy space where people can gather to share stories and memories.

  • We want to create a shop where people feel at ease to come and buy a bottle of wine or beer and know they will be helped and treated like family.

  • We want to educate people about wine and share our love of the juice, the stories behind each bottle, and the perfect food to enhance their experience.

  • We want to be not only a part of a growing community, but a integral member of making that growth a positive and inclusive journey.

You see, this is not just a business for us. It's the continuation of our story.

Missy, Lisa, and Kathleen

Of course, when you ask three sisters to tell you the same story, you commonly get a different version from each one. This case is no different...

Kathleen – "The Savvy One"

I grew up right here in Newton, and I had an amazing childhood. Our Mom had a business downtown that I would walk to after school. Both our parents were only children, so our friends were also our family. Mom always said our door is always open to anyone. There were always extra kids around the dinner table, and you might even trip over a few on the den floor in a sleeping bag in the mornings. I always wanted to be that Mom.

But as much as I loved growing up here, part of me couldn’t wait to leave Catawba County. I spent about two decades moving around NC, from the mountains to the ocean. Along the way, I met my boyfriend Mark in Wilmington, and we made a good life there.

Suddenly & unexpectedly, our step-mother passed away and our mother became ill. It was so difficult to be so far away from my family, unable to help, to hold hands, or to share in the once-in-a-lifetime moments and memories. It was time to come home.

My experience working in distribution and restaurant management led me to a fantastic position at Bevana Newton, a local taproom and brewery. But when Twyla & Dennis decided to close Carolina Vines, it was the perfect opportunity to combine my love for the local community and the beverage industry and venture out on my own.

So, with the support of my sisters and my father, I took the leap!

I am so grateful and excited to be able to build a business in the place I’ve always considered home. I look forward to cultivating relationships and developing a sense of community. My end goal is that everyone will feel at home at 3 Little Birds, just like the kids did at our house growing up.

Missy – "The Artsy One"

My family has strong roots in Newton. We grew up and went to school here. My parents had a business on this very street when we were young.

In fact, I still live 2 minutes from downtown. As an artist, this is where I feel most inspired to create and share. And this venture is no different.

With both of my sisters and my dad by my side, it's like we have come full circle as a family. The opportunity to continue this neighborhood gathering spot as 3 Little Birds, Corks and More with my sisters and my father feels like a natural next step for all of us.

I am most excited to continue to cultivate connections between local artists and the community I love. I am passionate about the positive affect that art has on people and their surroundings.

Art can be many things. It can be pretty to look at, thought-provoking, a conversation starter. It's also a proven driver of economic development. I could not be more thrilled to be contributing to my hometown in this way.

I look forward to connecting people through art in the relaxed, comfortable, and unassuming atmosphere of 3 Little Birds, and I look forward to meeting you all over a glass of goodness. Cheers!!

Lisa – "The Numbers One"

When it comes to partnering with my family to open this business, my "why" is simple:

I believe.

I believe in Kat. When this opportunity presented itself, I knew it was the perfect moment to help her pursue her dream.

I believe in my family, and I know that each of us has different strengths that together help overcome any individual weaknesses.

I believe in this community that we all love so much and hold so dear. I can't wait to see how it grows... and how we grow with it.


Kat, Missy, Lisa, and "Dad"


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